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Why Advertise in LTW

As the owner or agent, you are the custodian of your brands and properties.

You have a unique 360 degree perspective on what is happening with the property across different categories in different territories and the very latest information on activity which is driving the property, so it is in your best interest to invest at a trade level to maximise its potential.

LTW is a publication for everyone involved in the business of licensing. Its main purpose is to join the dots between licensor, licensee and retail, ensuring that people in each of these areas have the necessary information to help them make informed decisions about which properties and brands they should be working with. We are not a ‘licensing community newsletter’; licensing companies work with us to help influence important strategic business decisions, not to tell their competitors what they are doing .

Our readers will ultimately decide whether your property succeeds or fails; communicating your key selling points to them will allow you to reap the rewards through increased royalties for a very modest outlay.