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LTW TV at BLE 2015: Carte Blanche

We all know and love the iconic Tatty Teddy but there is a lot more to Carte Blanche, Ruth Leonard tells LTW TV about the company’s exciting plans

LTW TV at BLE 2015: The Zoonies

Are you feeling a bit Zoonie today?! LTW TV’s host Mirella meets the adorable Zoonies and their creator Caroline Brown to find out about the loveable characters who are new to the licensing scene

LTW TV at BLE 2015: Bulldog

As licensing agent for Shopkins, Bulldog are a busy bunch these days – Rob Corney fills LTW TV in on why the brand is such a success and more

LTW TV at BLE 2015: Sony

Sony’s Mark Caplan certainly ain’t afraid of no ghosts – watch LTW TV to find out why

LTW TV at BLE 2015: Coolabi

Coolabi’s Michael Dee knows a thing or two about the company’s fantastic roster of properties – he gives LTW TV an insight into Clangers, Beast Quest and more

LTW TV at BLE 2015: Rovio

Rovio’s Alex Lambeek fills LTW TV in on all that is happening with the upcoming Angry Birds film

LTW TV at BLE 2015: Rainbow

Rainbow’s Lorena Vaccari speaks to LTW TV host Mirella about the famed Winx Club, and the launch of two new and very exciting ventures

LTW TV at BLE 2015: Smiley

Smiley’s CEO Nicolas Loufrani talks to LTW TV about high-end fashion collaborations, its new TV series and working with licensees

LTW TV at BLE 2015: BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide’s Head of Licensing Rikesh Desai talks Top Gear, pre-school hits and of course, Dr Who

LTW TV at BLE 2015: Saltkråkan

We all know and love the classic works of Swedish author and icon Astrid Lindgren. In this episode of LTW TV, Mirella talks to Head of Licensing Tobias Mannheimer, and Licensing Manager Jessica Eriksson of Saltkråkan, the company who own and manage the rights to all of Astrid’s works

LTW TV at BLE 2015: Zodiak

In the debut episode, LTW TV presenter Mirella Anstey catches up with Zodiak’s Vice President of Licensing, Claire Shaw at BLE 2015 

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