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Bulls Licensing acquires Ingmar Bergman rights

The Ingmar Bergman Foundation names Bulls Licensing the global licensing agent for the legendary film director

The Ingmar Bergman Foundation has named the Swedish agency Bulls Licensing as the global licensing agent for Ingmar Bergman. This is ahead of his 100th year jubilee, which will be celebrated worldwide in 2018.

The focus of this licensing collaboration is to remind people of Ingmar Bergman’s legacy and to re-introduce his work to the next generation and old fans alike. Bergman’s signature, his self-drawn “little devil” symbol, film posters, his quotes among others will serve as inspiration for the creative licensees.

”We are very happy to be partnering with Bulls Licensing,” said Jan Holmberg, CEO Ingmar Bergman Foundation.

This is the first time this kind of opportunity has come about regarding the director's persona and the body of his work. Bergman will be celebrated throughout world-leading festivals, exhibitions, documentary releases and much more during the jubilee year 2018. By linking Ingmar Bergman's iconic heritage with contemporary brands, the Swedish auteur will live on in a new form in a modern era.

"With enormous pride we welcome this international and yet very Swedish icon, Ingmar Bergman, to our agency. He is a symbol of Sweden abroad just like Abba, Björn Borg, Ikea or Volvo. The vision for Bergman as a brand is to collaborate globally with interesting high-end companies that share the same values as he did” added Gustav Melin, Head of International Licensing, Bulls Licensing.

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