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Cleo & Cuquin debuts on Nick Jr. in US

Anima's hit animation continues global expansion with new broadcaster

Anima continues the international expansion of its hit animated pre-school series,Cleo & Cuquin with the show’s recent launch on Nick Jr. in the US, where it airs weekdays at 2.30 pm.

Anima has partnered with Mattel as global master toy licensee, which could launch Cleo & Cuquin toys in the US market within a year. The company also has a global agreement in place with Netflix to further underpin the brand's strategy.

Anima Spain CEO Víctor M. López said: “The greatest aspiration of any company taking its content to the U.S. market is to reach an agreement with Nickelodeon. The fact that we have achieved this pays testimony to the quality of said content and to years of work and is a great business opportunity in the world's most complex, competitive market." 

Cleo & Cuquin (52x7") is a pre-school series that features the well-known Telerin brothers and sisters--specifically big sister Cleo and the littlest member of the family Cuquin, who get caught up in all kinds of adventures thanks to Baby Cuquin's curiosity and cheeky mischief. In each episode, the six kids go on an exciting mini-adventure, and pretend to be astronauts, gardeners, rock stars, detectives and more! At the end of each episode, Cleo decides what she wants to be when she grows up... at least until she discovers that she wants to be something else! 

In addition to the TV series, the brand boasts apps including the Bedder bedtime app, digital content and music video clips on its YouTube channel.

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