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Zag significantly expands Zag Heroez label

Partnership with Method and Planeta Junior will add five animations to the brand responsible for Miraculous Ladybug

Zag is teaming with two top entertainment company’s to further expand its Zag Heroez label, which currently includes Miraculous Ladybug – Tales of Ladybug and recently unveiled Zak Storm.

The studio is joining forces with Method Animation and Planeta Junior to co-produce and develop five major animated series under the Zag Heroez banner. After the huge success of the phenomenon Miraculous Ladybug – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, these new series will bring empowerment, action-packed adventures and excitement to new audiences.

This new collaboration starts with two Zag Heroez large-scale animated series. Power Players is an innovative hybrid animated series about a new team of secret heroes formed by a little boy and his toys, and Pixigirl is an adventurous and fun-packed animated series about a super-heroine with the supernatural powers of Mother Nature, battling the tyrannical rule of evil witches in New York.

Jeremy Zag, CEO of ZAG, said: “Thanks to recent enhancements to our "Zag Heroez" label, we're now able to make a childhood dream come true: create a brand new universe full of fantastic superheroes for kids across the world to grow up with and dream of. This strong partnership with Planeta Junior will help us promote this dream for children around the globe.”

Planeta Junior will also manage the licensing programs of the Zag Heroez properties, including Zak Storm in all Planeta Junior territories. Thanks to this new partnership and the success of licensing programmes for Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir licensing programs in its territories, Planeta Junior has extended its consumer products partnership with Zag in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe.

“We are very honoured and proud to announce this new partnership with Planeta Junior, and fortunate to be joining forces as we enter our next chapter with the Zag Heroez label, focused on delivering a powerful slate of kids’ entertainment franchises”, said Aton Soumache, CEO of Method Animation.

“Jeremy and I are excited to extend our momentum through this partnership with Planeta Junior, which brings the highest level of expertise to the distribution process and brand management in Southern Europe. Planeta Junior is the best home in these territories to expand licensing and merchandising revenue, and promote our brands, following the first success we accomplished with Miraculous.”

“We are very excited to join this long-term partnership with Jeremy and Aton as Zag Heroez label is one of the most powerful slate for children programming in the animation market. We share with Zagtoon and Method Animation the enthusiasm for content for the new kids generation and we are proud to bring this amazing universe to children all over the world,” Ignacio Segura, General Manager of Planeta Junior.

Pictured: Aton Soumache (CEO of Method Animation), Diego Ibáñez (Internacional Commercial Director of Planeta Junior) & Jeremy Zag (CEO of ZAG)

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