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Special award for Everything’s Rosie

Road safety honour awarded to the pre-school series at the Italian Chambers of Parliament

V&S Entertainment’s pre-school series Everything’s Rosie has received a special award,from the Italian Traffic Police,for one of Rosie’s episodes that deals with road safety.

The prize was awarded by MOIGE (Movimento Italiano Genitori Onlus – the Italian Parents Movement Organisation), at the Italian Chambers of Parliament on 22 June 2017, during an annual event which assigns special awards to the best TV programmes and shows made for families and kids.

The award was accepted on behalf of V&S Entertainment by Annalise Liberi from Italian broadcaster Rai Yoyo.

The Traffic Police felt that the episode Racetrack Rosie promoted “valuable advice to viewers on the correct behaviour to adopt when you are on the road, noting that prudence is the determining element to prevent accidents”.

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